Why Baby Boosters?

we make healthy baby food

We are Kate and Thomas Rischmueller, the founders of Baby Boosters. We use our passion for nutrition and good food to drive us to develop nutrient-dense products for little ones. 

We are parents and we care about the health and wellbeing of the next generation. It is our goal to make sure all babies are getting the nutrients they need to thrive.

We’re working to achieve this goal by informing parents about what their babies need, and by providing products that make it simple for them to feed their babies well.  

  • Expert advice 
    We've consulted with experts in food and nutrition, and our products are nutritionally crafted.  

  • Nutritionist approved and recommended
    We have an experienced clinical nutritionist as part of our team.  
  • Quality and organic ingredients
    Where possible, we source organic and/or Australian produce. 

  • Nutrient-dense
    Babies have small bellies so the food they consume needs to be dense in calories and nutrients. Our products are exactly that and don’t contain fillers.

  • Taste great
    We don’t believe in bland baby food that is considered inedible to adults. Our products taste great – to babies and their parents.

  • Customised for babies
    We’ve uncovered exactly what babies need for optimal growth and development and make sure those nutrients are in our products.

  • No nasties
    Our products are made from whole foods. They contain no added sugar, salt or honey. We don’t use animal products and we don't add anything artificial.